FCI's TwinMezz(TM) Mezzanine Connector

 Mary Bohenek

FCI announces the successful demonstration of a 20+ Gb/s data stream over

its new ultra-high density TwinMezz(TM) mezzanine connector system, which has

also been named a finalist in the 2010 DesignVision Awards program in the

Interconnect Technologies and Components category by the International

Engineering Consortium (IEC). The TwinMezz(TM) connector system provides

superior electrical performance at the highest data rates, the highest

signal density, and the lowest insertion force when compared to other

available mezzanine connectors.

The TwinMezz connectors exhibit very well-matched impedance, low insertion

loss, and low crosstalk, which make them well-suited for applications in

very high-speed environments.

Configurations with six differential signal pairs per column provide maximum

signal density, delivering 25 high-speed signal pairs in a square

centimeter, or 161 signal pairs in a square inch. The innovative

hermaphroditic design mates to itself and supports stack heights ranging

from 12mm to 40mm with 200 to 800 total contacts.

The TwinMezz connector system provides exceptional flexibility with options

for integrated molded or optional metal guides and the capability to mix

signal and power wafers in a single connector. The versatile open pin field

design offers additional flexibility by allowing for mixed differential,

single-ended or power pin assignments in a single connector. TwinMezz

connectors also feature FCI's patented BGA connector termination for easy

surface-mount attachment and efficient trace routing. For more information,

visit www.fciconnect.com/twinmezz.

The TwinMezz(TM) connector system, along with other leading edge high-speed and

power products from FCI, will be displayed February 2-3 in booth #515 at the

DesignCon conference and exhibition in Santa Clara, CA. DesignVision Award

winners will be announced at the conference on February 2.

About FCI's MezzSelect(TM) Program:

Today, eight of FCI's product families are part of the MezzSelect product

portfolio. With a number of current ongoing developments, the MezzSelect

product portfolio will be expanded with high speed, high density and small

contact pitch mezzanine connectors. The MezzSelect program also includes a

product selector, which can be accessed via FCI's website and is available

in printed copies as well. Based on mechanical and electrical selection

criteria the MezzSelect product selector allows for quick and easy selection

of the product that best suits the application.

About FCI:

With operations in 30 countries and sales of 1.25 billion euros in 2008, FCI

is a leading manufacturer of connectors. Our 13,000 employees are committed

to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products for a wide

range of consumer and industrial applications. For more information:


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