Customised Screws from Landwide Fasten Up Construction and Furniture Industries

Written by Lauren Lo 2009.03.02
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self drilling screw, self tapping screw, tek screw, stainless steel screw, machine screw Ever since their establishment in 1978, Landwide Co., Ltd. has been focusing on construction and furniture fastener manufacturing and developments. As a leader of stainless steel screw and carbon steel screw in domestic market, Landwide decided to reach out for more clients and set up their own exporting brand in 2006. Major product line of Landwide includes self drilling screw , self tapping screw, machine screw, concrete screw, and roofing screw. "We have faith in our screws in terms of quality and performance. Each single screw from Landwide has passed strict quality control standard and various tests & measurements." said Ms. Jennifer Kuo, sales manager of Landwide Co., Ltd.

Presently, standard screw contributes around 70% and customised screw 30% to Landwide's total export value, with major market focus in Europe and North America. About 60% of Landwide customers come from Europe, 30% from US, and 10% from Asian countries such as Turkey and Malaysia. In Europe, Landwide mainly exports roofing screws and self drilling screws to eastern Europe and customised screws to western Europe, assisting buyers from countries including Italy and Germany. As for US market, flange washer head screw and concrete screw are the best-selling series that occupies up to half export value. Landwide is now planning to shift emphasis to higher-end screw and customised screw manufacturing, in order to maximize their advantage in custom field.

Distinctive Features and Screw Series from Landwide

What are the defining factors that make Landwide special in this highly competitive fastener industry? "We are extremely confident in screw quality, manufacturing technique, and flexible service & delivery." according to Ms. Kuo. As an ISO 9001 approved manufacturer, Landwide adopts strict standards in both manufacturing and QC process. Available service includes material purchase and selection, screw design, coating, packaging,...etc., covering the full range of screw manufacturing. Five major screw series from Landwide are self drilling screw, self tapping screw, concrete screw, machine screw, and roofing screw, size ranging from diameter 2mm~8mm and length 5mm~300mm.

roofing screw, concrete screw, self drilling screw stainless steel screw

The latest screw series developed by Landwide is 6-cuts self drilling screw and 8-cut self drilling screw, which are especially designed for dealing thick metal plate. Few suppliers in current market have the ability and equipments to supply 6-cut / 8-cut self drilling screws, and Landwide is on the list with mature technique. These two series are one of the patented products from Landwide, capable of drilling into thick steel plate with fast drilling speed. For 6-cut self drilling screw, its drilling thickness is the same as the screw outer diameter. For example, if the screw diameter is 6.3mm, it can handle thickness of drilling plate up to 6.3 mm. 6-cut self drilling screw is applicable in #2 and #3 drilling point, and 8-cut self drilling screw is for #5 drilling point, with guarantee of 20mm steel plate drilling ability.

In terms of customised screw, Landwide has assisted various clients from western Europe. One of the example is designing screw with deeper drive, which may possibly cause splits in screw heads, leading to higher defective rate and unstable performance. However, with proper adjustments and a series of testing and improving process, Landwide overcome the potential risks and successfully provided the desired customised screw to the client. Another custom case dealt with screw bending angle. Regular stainless steel 410 screw can only tolerate bending angle under 30 degree, while Landwide reached 45 degree under the same mechanical conditions. Such examples clearly demonstrate why Landwide can take a seat in the competitive screw industry.

International Trade Fairs Roots Landwide Screw in Global Market

To keep in contact with foreign clients and current development in fastener & hardware industry, Landwide Co., Ltd. takes part in at least two international exhibitions annually. Among the list, International Hardware Fair Cologne in German and National Industrial Fastener Show (West) holding at Las Vegas are the most influential trade shows in the field, which Landwide never miss. Seizing every opportunity to exhibit their reliable techniques and high-quality screws, Landwide sincerely invites global clients to experience their value-added service. In the coming decades, Landwide will continue to introduce more innovation in stainless steel screws and fasteners, hoping to become the leading screw supplier worldwide.

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