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Marco Cochrane, "Truth is Beauty," 2017. Powered by Intel technology, the Smithsonian American Art Museum?s exhibition, "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man," was digitally captured and processed into an immersive virtual reality experience, now available via the Sansar platform. (Credit: Smithsonian Institution)

What's New: The Smithsonian American Art Museum* (SAAM) exhibition, "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man," is now available in virtual reality (VR) through Sansar*, the premier destination for social VR. Powered by Intel technology, this recently announced partnership will make iconic artwork more accessible and interactive through virtual reality.

"Intel empowers the creator to take their work to the next level. Technology has the potential to achieve new goals and ambitions for museums and galleries. Immersive technologies, like virtual reality, unlock new and exciting ways to experience art and exhibits. Fans can now check out "No Spectators" from their own home. Without Intel's high-performance processors, these experiences would not be possible."
– Raj Puran, director of immersive technology business development at Intel Corporation

Why It's Important: In embarking on this partnership, SAAM is doing its part to help achieve the Smithsonian's ambitious goal: expand the reach of the Institution's collections to a billion people in 5 years. This means making its museums' objects available to the public across a wider range of mediums, including immersive domains like virtual reality -- Sansar's specialty, and a major area for Intel innovation.

Thanks to Intel's advanced data-processing technology and Sansar's social VR platform, the Smithsonian has been able to accelerate the digital 3D capture, preservation and distribution of artifacts in its collections so students, educators and the public can virtually access and engage with the museum's collections from anywhere in the world. It's an entirely new kind of viewing experience, and one sure to transform every aspect of the museum business -- from the creation to the consumption of educational content.

Where You Can Experience It: The first release in this partnership with the Smithsonian features the large-scale artworks assembled for the exhibition, "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man," on view for a limited time at SAAM's Renwick Gallery*. "No Spectators" captures the spirit of creativity and community, and has been digitized through hours of careful laser scanning and photogrammetry. Starting today, anyone with a link to the Sansar experience will be able to virtually view, access, and interact with the collection in its entirety, as if they were standing in the galleries themselves.

Experience "No Spectators" in virtual reality today at the Sansar website.

More Context: Emboldening VR's Next Frontier (Intel.com) | Smithsonian American Art Museum | Virtual Reality at Intel (Press Kit)

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