SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 26, 2007—At SPIE Advanced Lithography 2007, Cymer, Inc. (Nasdaq:CYMI), the world's leading supplier of excimer laser light sources used in semiconductor manufacturing, today announced it has reached an agreement to ship its first revolutionary XLR 500i light source, to leading lithography system provider—Nikon Corporation. The XLR 500i is the world’s first argon fluoride (ArF) laser light source for 45nm production immersion photolithography.
“Last quarter, we celebrated our longstanding partnership with Cymer on the occasion of their 1,000th excimer laser shipment,” said Mr. Kazuo Ushida, president of the Nikon Precision Equipment Company, Nikon Corporation. “Nikon is pleased to be the first recipient of the XLR 500i light source. We look forward to integrating this laser into our leading-edge NSR-S610C immersion tool.”
“This milestone shipment illustrates Cymer’s continued commitment to push the limits of DUV lithography in order to advance the production of chips that power the electronic devices we rely on each day,” said Ed Brown, Cymer’s president and chief operating officer. “As immersion lithography is deployed into 45nm full production environments, we look forward to providing our customers with laser light sources that enable improved critical dimension control and manageable operating costs.”
A major advancement for the industry, the XLR enhances Cymer’s flagship dual-chamber Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) platform with groundbreaking Recirculating Ring Technology. The new architecture replaces the conventional power amplifier stage with an innovative Recirculating Ring, delivering a 1.5X improvement in pulse energy stability performance, increasing yield and productivity and accounting for a significant reduction in cost of ownership (CoO) compared to previous generation ArF products.
Unveiled at SEMICON West 2006, the XLR system is an optical evolution based upon the XL platform, which has been quickly adopted by the industry as the standard in next-generation ArF lithography. More than 360 XL Series systems have been shipped to date and XLR customers can be confident in a smooth, low-risk transition to volume manufacturing of a production-proven design. The XLR 500i leverages Cymer’s past research and development efforts to take ArF capabilities to the next level of performance and cost efficiency, advancing the production of chips that power everyday electronic devices.