April 20, 2011
New Edge Welded Bellows Design Form
Ormond Beach, FL
BellowsTech, LLC has released its new online edge welded bellows design form. Edge welded bellows design can be rather complex with the number of variables involved. The design form is intended to increase the knowledge of the customer by explaining each variable and giving the user the opportunity to complete the information.
The most critical factors in edge welded bellows design include the outside diameter, inside diameter, spring rate, pressure range and temperature range. With these factors, BellowsTech can begin the design of a bellows and work with the customer through the design process. The form provides definitions to each field to help the user understand why each variable is critical. For example, if the customer has a particular metal for their assembly, there is a field to complete it. If there is no material selected, BellowsTech requests the media, pressure and temperature information in order to find the most suitable material.
The design form is available in two forms: HTML webpage as well as a downloadable interactive PDF file. For customers looking to submit one design concept, the online version is suitable. There are no required fields, since some variables might still be undetermined. The online form has the ability to upload and attach drawings as well. The interactive PDF file allows the user to download the form, print, and save the information. If there are multiple designs or concepts, the PDF form will allow the user to keep track of the information. Once saved, the form can be emailed to the general sales email address bellows@bellowstech.com with a response within 24 hours.
To complete the online BellowTech, LLC Edge Welded Bellows Design Form, visit: http://www.bellowstech.com/contact-us/bellows-design-data-form/
About BellowsTech, LLC
BellowsTech, LLC is a premier manufacturer of metal edge welded bellows and assemblies, encompassing a wide array of alloys and dimensional configurations. The flexibility of material and size of metal welded bellows as well as application expertise have led BellowsTech into industries including aerospace, medical, test, semiconductor, solar, and oil and gas. In 2007, BellowTech was acquired by Servometer. Since 1957, Servometer has pioneered the manufacture of electrodeposited miniature metal bellows, bellows assemblies, contact springs, flexible shaft couplings and structurally rigid electroforms. Servometer miniature bellows are used in a variety of critical applications where high reliability and long-term use are required. Servometer has supported customers with quality products and technical service for over 50 years. Their unique, patented electrodeposition process has led Servometer to become the leading supplier of miniature metal bellows manufactured by this method.