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Cambridge. 11th May 2010 - Cambridge Wireless announced today the second meeting of the popular semiconductor Special Interest Group meeting taking place on 20th May in Cambridge where it is hosted by the Bluetooth giant company, CSR. For more information, please visit

This discussion will examine current and future developments in semiconductors that will provide the data throughput required for new applications, and also the semiconductor devices that will support these applications on battery-powered mobile devices.

Peter Claydon of Silicon Southwest, who is a champion of this SIG comments, “for this event we’ve gathered together an impressive set of speakers from many of the world’s most forward-thinking chip companies. I’m looking forward to some lively and informed debate on developments that will shape all our futures over the next ten years”.

The ability of networks to deliver high data throughput to users is in part governed by the development of more sophisticated modulation techniques and algorithms, but the ability to deploy these in the real world is wholly dependent on developments in the semiconductor arena that enable the implementation of these algorithms for an acceptable cost and power consumption. This applies both to terminal devices, which may be handsets, data cards, powerline adaptors or increasingly embedded in other devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, and to network devices that enable smaller and cheaper base stations, including femtocells and backhaul solutions.

It is a truism that the development of applications follows the availability of the underlying networks that support the required data throughput. For example, YouTube and Spotify would not be possible without widespread availability of wired broadband. So what are the applications that are driving the need for higher data throughputs and what semiconductor devices are being developed that will support these applications?

Attendees will hear from and debate with the following industry specialists:

• Raj Gawera, Vice President of HBU Marketing at CSR

• Mike Muller, CTO at ARM

• Gordon Lindsay, Associate Director at Broadcom Europe

• Ben Timmons, Senior Director of Business Development at Qualcomm

• Tim Fowler, Commercial Director at Cambridge Consultants

“This event highlights the ever changing demands faced by the semiconductor industry being driven by the need for efficient movement of higher and higher levels of data within acceptable levels of power consumption,” explained Eric Schorn, VP of Marketing, Processor Division, ARM. “ARM is investing to address these challenges and is a great supporter of innovation in this field which will enable us to help deliver the wired and handheld devices of tomorrow.”

This SIG is championed by Eric Schorn of ARM, Peter Claydon of Silicon Southwest and Carson Bradbury of Cre8Ventures.

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Cambridge Wireless is one of the world’s leading wireless communities with a rapidly expanding network of companies interested in the application of wireless technologies. In addition to VIP Networking events, our activities are based around a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), each focussed on a specific technology and/or market area. SIG meetings provide opportunities for member organisations to meet, discuss developments in technologies and markets, showcase their capabilities, and explore opportunities for new business.

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