M&L Joins Global Pneumatic Tool Market with Patent Design and Effective Performance.

Edited By Lauren Lo & Mei Mei Lin 2008/11/26

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Complete Sales and Manufacturing System Contributes to Excellent Pneumatic Tools

Established in 1976, M&L started as an OEM pneumatic tool and accessories manufacturer for both local and international brands; consistent quality and reasonable prices successfully won M&L a steady group of clients, such as AIMCO, Martin, Dalmar Motors, UT, and Wurth. With a vision to provide better pneumatic tools and air screwdrivers, M&L utilizes their professional R&D team to innovate and expand previous product line, at the same time incorporates integrated sales system in order to satisfy versatile demands from clients. Presently, M&L major product includes auto shut-off air composite screwdriver, straight cushion type air screwdriver, pistol cushion type air screwdriver, and environment protect air screwdriver.

In order to manufacture exactly the right tool for clients, M&L starts from product design and planning from both user's and buyer's point of view. The complete sales system and manufacturing procedure ensure the consistent quality and competitive pricing. M&L is able to supply electric tools, mechanical tools, and pneumatic tools suitable for IT industry, DIY applications, mechanical equipments, and transportation industry. There are more than 150 satellite factories in cooperation with M&L , supporting part manufacturing from forging, die casting, precision casting, plastic molding, drilling, grinding, to milling. As the result, buyers can acquire cost-saving, efficient, and quality tools from M&L.

Extraordinary R&D Capability and Distinctive Features of M&L Air Tools

One of the distinguished advantage of M&L is the outstanding R&D capability. Experienced and creative, R&D team's hard work and dedication resulted in the amazing achievements for M&L products. M&L has acquired more than 15 patents for pneumatic tools around the world. Air screwdrivers series are certified with patents from USA, Germany, China, and Taiwan. Mechanical design of M&L is approved with five Taiwan patents, one China patent, and one US patent. The major R&D area includes material, tooling, surface treatment, and heat treatment for air screwdrivers. As a corporation with responsibility and green sense, M&L also provide environment friendly air screwdriver, which has won more patents and the "Excellent Tool Award" in 2002 Osaka Exhibition, Japan.

Among various patent designs that can increase tool efficiency, patent clutch and patent MCL motor are the most prominent feature of M&L air tool. The patent clutch provides 3% deviation of torque, and longer motor life span the second generation MCL motor offers extra 40% power comparing with other brands. Other than patent designs, color torque system is also a special feature of M&L air screwdriver. The visible torque marking system allows operators to differentiate torque level according to clear colors, further assists production.

Reliable Choice for Pneumatic Tools and Air Screwdrivers

As a responsible pneumatic tool supplier, all air tools from M&L are in accordance with ISO 5393. ISO 5393 tool standard is designed for evaluating performance of rotary pneumatic assembly tools; this standard provides a simple way to evaluate and measure tool performance in production. M&L is honored to receive ISO 5393 as the best demonstration of our high-quality tools.

From auto shut-off air composite screwdriver, straight cushion type air screwdriver, pistol cushion type air screwdriver, environment protect air screwdriver, to patent electric/mechanical tools, M&L presents premium pneumatic tool series with low noise, low vibration, and high accuracy. With M&L 's worldwide patents for clutch and MCL motor, unique color torque system, and ISO 5393 certification, clients can rely on M&L for reliable and durable pneumatic tools.

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