Tips on How to Take Care of Your Battery

 Brandon Fence

Conway, Arkansas - October 4, 2017 -- It is an undeniable fact that we might not always think about our batteries and we might go on our day without ever thinking about them, however, it is basically the lifeline of our smartphones these days. We only start to think about our phone’s batteries the moment it starts to die out on us or the moment it starts to malfunction just as when we are about to send an email or while we are in the middle of an important task, and that is when we scramble for a quick fix for our batteries, and worse when we have to go to our final resort: to look and purchase a brand new battery from any cell phone repair shops Conway.

However, batteries malfunctioning somehow has become a package with one’s own Android experience, like it is an expected phenomenon already. That is why we are here, along with our team from phone repair Conway AR, and we will tell you the little secrets on how to strengthen and lengthen your battery life so you will have more enjoyable experiences with your battery and less of the bad ones.

Millennials these days live a busy life that is why it is very uncommon for any of us to leave our phones charged the whole night so that when we wake up the next day, our phone is ready to go and take on the day as well. The reason why we also charge it is because some phones, when left on standby mode, remain to decrease on its charge all throughout the night that is why some phone users wake up with their phone batteries drained by the next morning. However, you should practice caution and never leave a lithium-ion battery unattended while it is being charged. Certain dangers of explosion and overheating might happen.

However, there is a reason why our devices right now are called smartphones, it is because when your smartphone is left being charged, the moment it reaches to the point of being fully-charged, it would stop charging right away to avoid overheating of your battery.

It is also best to remind yourselves that when your phone battery is not being used for days and even several weeks on end, you should set a reminder in your calendar to charge your battery between several intervals from time to time. It is because a phone battery has its self-discharge rate, meaning that even though your battery may not be in use, it will continue to drain its charge and when his is kept up, there is a chance for it not to turn back on when you try to charge it again.

You should also remember to keep your phone away from direct sunlight. Just like in medicines and certain skin products, direct sunlight can damage the chemicals inside a product such as the battery due to its intense heat and ultraviolet rays that may affect its chemical composition. By leaving it under the sun, it can permanently damage the battery and cause it to malfunction and you may find yourself in a situation wherein you have to purchase a brand new battery from any cell phone repair shops in Conway, specifically from New Wave Wireless.

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