Boost Your Brand with Interactive Product Tagging - get QR Codes, Watermarking, NFC and Augmented Re

 Liz Hartney

November 28th 2011 - Square-shaped black and white matrix blocks, known as QR codes, have increasingly become commonplace in magazines and on product packaging. The distinctive marks can be read with a smart phone or tablet, and are used by Brands as a way of communicating and strengthening relationships with consumers.

BUT, according to ‘disruptive’ technologies specialists, IPI (Europe) Limited there are many other interactive tools available that could be more effective. Many of these being based on printable electronics, coupled with ‘apps’, to trigger the all-important ‘interactive experience’ for consumers.

The whole range of rapidly evolving range smart and interactive technologies, from watermarking, though Near Field Communication to Augmented Reality, for delivering this experience will be covered at the next Session of IPI’s, long running, ‘Printable Electronics & Interactive Products Programme’ in London next month.

This session, which is open to non-members, promises to avoid the “sterile” question and answer format normally associated with business conferences, by encouraging lively debate. It will explore how to ‘Influence Consumers through Interactive Printed Media’ using, not only QR codes, but also electronic and graphic watermarking, RFID (Radio Frequency Identity), NFC (Near Field Communication) and AR (Augmented Reality).

David Potter, IPI’s Commercial Director, said, “With contributions from leading technology providers and early adopters, our Programme Sessions are specifically designed to accelerate understanding and reduce the risks in grasping opportunities for evolving technologies.

“Even more importantly, the sessions demonstrate real products and components that allow participants to see for themselves what is already possible,” he added.

The session will involve participants from all stages of the value chain, from the High Street to materials suppliers. Contributors from across Europe include: 3M spinout Printechnologics, Ydreams, Digital Space, Optricks, Near Field Solutions, and The Product and Image Security Forum.

IPI helps companies at the leading edge of technology adoption, by providing a single, independent source of expertise on the 'disruptive' technologies that are enabling the creation of a whole range of new components, products, processes and systems.

For those businesses looking to use the latest interactive wizardry to boost their brand, IPI’s next session is the ideal place to start. It takes place at the Institute of Mining, Materials and Metals in Central London, on December 8, from 10:30am to 4:00pm.

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