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Paradigm Inflection of Packaging Industry

 Choon Lee
Description: This paper contains details regarding paradigm inflection of the packaging industry. China is the next wave of packaging opportunities. 5G is a revolutionary milestone in all industry.
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Domain: Electronics
Contributing Organization: SEMI
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Paradigm Inflection of Packaging Industry
Choon Lee, 20 Mar 2019

• Industry Movement
• Packaging Inflection
• More to come for future

Industry Movement

Semiconductor Acquisition since 2015
• 2015
• Avago (Broadcom)
2018 : CA Technologies (Enterprise SW)
• Western Digital (SanDisk)
• Intel (Altera)
• NXP (Freescale)
• Micrel (Atmel)
• Less num ... See more

3D TSV Development Technologies

3D TSV Development Technologies - Key Development Technologies for TSV, uBumping on Front and Back Side, TSV Via Reveal, Passivation & Pad Finishing, Thin Wafer Handling Capability

Choon Lee
04 January, 2013