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PCI Express based Storage: Data Center NVM Express Platform Topologies

 Michael Hall, Jonmichael Hands
Description: PCI Express * and NVM Express * SSD Advantages Over SATA:Lower latency- Direct connection to CPU, increased CPU efficiency, Scalable performance- 1 GB/s per lane – 4 GB/s, 8 GB/s, ... in one SSD, Industry standards- NVM Express * and PCI Express * (PCIe * ) 3.0, Increased I/O- Up to 40 PCIe lanes per CPU socket, Security protocols- Trusted Computing Group Opal, Low Power features- Low power link (L1.2), NVM Express * power states, Form factors- SFF-8639, SATA Express * , M.2, Add in card. Drive Connectors:SFF-8639-Supports SATA, SAS,and PCI Express *(PCIe * ) x4 or two x2, PCIe data, reference clock, and side band; SAS-Backwards compatible with SATA, Dual port; SATA-Keyed only for SATA drives, Separate power and data. Cabling Options for Data Center PCI Express * SSD Topologies:miniSAS HD cables lightly modified for PCI Express * (PCIe * ). Basic PCI Express * SSD Topology – 1 Connector:SFF-8639 Connector directly attached to board. Link Extension Devices – Switches and Retimers:Use Link Extension Devices for longer topologies. PCI Express * Electrical Testing for SFF-8639:1. Physical Layer-New fixtures required for SFF-8639, 2. Configuration Space – no change, 3. Link & Transaction Layer – no change, 4. Platform Interop at Workshops-Use adapters for M.2 and SFF-8639. What is required to support hot plug!:Server (Hardware + BIOS), NVM Express * and PCI bus driver, SSD that supports unplanned power loss.
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PCI Express* based Storage: Data Center
NVM Express* Platform Topologies
Michael Hall
Director of Technology Solutions Enabling, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation
Jonmichael Hands
Technical Program Manager, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Intel Corporation


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