Position Sensor Solutions and LVDT Tutorial Featured in Macro Sensors New Capabilities Brochure

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Position Sensor Solutions as well as a tutorial on LVDT Basics are outlined in Macro Sensors’ new 16-page color capabilities brochure that is available for download at http://www.macrosensors.com/lvdt_macro_sensors/lvdt_products/catalog_shortform_08.pdf . Macro Sensors complete “Made in the USA” linear and rotary position sensor line is featured in the guide, including:

- LVDTs designed for high pressure, high temperature and hazardous locations

- Spring-loaded A/C and D/C LVDTs for precision dimension gaging and automation applications

- Support electronic solutions for users, system integrators and OEMs

- Position sensing for Subsea, Marine and Power Generation applications

- Long Stroke Position Sensors with enhanced stroke to length ratio

- Rotary Position Sensors 0-30°, 60°, 90° or 120° rotational ranges, non-linearity +/- 0.1% of FRO

About Macro Sensors

Macro Sensors’ extensive line of LVDT-based linear and rotary sensors are used for linear position measurement and feedback in a variety of industrial applications including factory automation, motion control systems, metal fabricating, automotive assembly as well as power plants, gas/steam turbines. Incorporated in 1994, the Company offers more than 200 years of cumulative design and manufacturing experience by its key staff in serving its OEM and end-user international customer base. On June 1, 2005, Macro Sensors was acquired by AST, manufacturer of state-of-the-art Micro-Electro- Mechanical- Structures (MEMS) based pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters. Common applications of AST sensor products are in industrial OEM, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration, oil & gas exploration/production, and off-road vehicles. For more information on AST products and technology, visit the AST website at www.astsensors.com.

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Conclusion: The brochure also outlines Macro Sensors’ capabilities to develop custom OEM designs that address military/aerospace specs, in-cylinder mounting, remote electronics and other specific requirements. For more information on Macro Sensors’ guide to Position Sensor Solutions, refer to the website at http://www.macrosensors.com/lvdt_macro_sensors/lvdt_products/catalog_shortform_08.pdf or contact the factory at sales@macrosensors.com.
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16 June, 2014