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Power Management PCIe/NVMe Flash Cards

 Bob Weisickle
Description: Performance/Validation Challenge- Requirements, Access to PCIe Registers: Queue Configuration, Hot Discovery, Error/Fault Injection, Power Loss/Recovery, PCIe Resets, NVMe Performance/Power. Challenges: Closely coupled to host, Access via host driver, Shared environment, Limited Hot Plug/Discovery, Power Measurement. Base Level PCIe Validation- Register Access- Bit Level verification, Error Injection (Bit/Register Level). Base Address Visibility- Get/Set Features, Command Analyzer,Posted commands w/ responses, Visibility to errors. Queue Configuration- Multiple Sub/Comp Queues, Definable Sub/Comp Queue Size, Sub Queue IO Loading, Multi-CPU Queue Distribution, Definable Interrupt Support: MSI-X, MSI, Line. Hot Power Loss/Recovery- Host Independent Power Control, Ability to control power to each device, Measure power of each device, Surprise Power Loss/Recovery, Detection of device being powered off, Auto re-discovery and drive state verification, No Host reboot required, Auto Queue Management, Re-instantiate all Queues, Clean up of outstanding commands, Auto Traffic Control, Continue with traffic workload, Check for data corruption. Resets/Queues/Abort- IO Aborts: PCIe Resets, Function Resets, Hot Resets, Controller, Subsystem, Auto Re-Discovery, Queue Management & Recovery. Data Retention/Corruption- Validate Pre-existing Data, Validate ‘Acknowledged’ Writes, Evaluate 'Outstanding' Writes: Verify Atomic Write Functionality, Single LBA corruption, Visibility to Partial Writes. Power Assessment- Real-time Power Measurement: Power vs Performance, Power vs Workload. Infrastructure Scale- Improved Space Utilization, Better Power/DUT, Enhanced Management. Summary- NVMe has momentum in the Market, Test/Validation Tools exist: With Power Control and Power Measurement, Detailed PCIe Register/Queue access. PCIe Ecosystem is evolving- SFF-8639, M.2 etc becoming available, Dual Port Support.
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Power Management
PCIe/NVMe Flash Cards

Presenter: Bob Weisickle
CEO/Founder: OakGate Technololgy, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA
August 2014


NVMe Premise/Challenge




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Operating System

PCIe Storage

PCIe Storage
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