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Preparing For NVM Express In The Data Center

 Michael Hall, Jonmichael Hands
Description: NVMeTM is Transforming the Data Center: Efficiency-Developed to be lean, NVMeTM delivers high performance with less resources, takes full advantage of multi-core CPUs, and increases storage density to lower TCO; Performance-Scalable performance and low latency of PCIeŽ with NVMe optimizing the storage stack; Industry Standard-NVMe is bringing PCIe SSDs into the mainstream with industry standard software and drivers and management for the future software defined data center. Market Overview-Massive data growth is driving SSDs into the data center with NVMeTM as the interface of choice, Data Center SSD Market Will be approaching $10B in 2018, was $4.6B in 2014, 2018 DC Storage TAM More than 40% of revenue projected to be SSDs, the rest on HDDs, NVMe by 2017 Half the data center SSD market is NVMe by 2017. Ecosystem: Infrastructure for PCIeŽ: Cables, connectors, backplanes, switches, retimers, NVMeTM Software, drivers, and management, RAID for NVMe with IntelŽ Rapid Storage Technology enterprise, IHV and ISV partners, PCIe and NVMe compatibility programs. Data Center NVMeTM Ecosystem Timeline: 2014-First NVMeTM SSDs launched, 2015-IntelŽ XeonŽ processor E5 v3 servers from major OEMs shipping with NVMe; NVMe Management Interface spec complete, 2016-Dual port NVMe ecosystem, NVMe Over Fabrics, NVMe in major cloud providers, Multiple vendors for PCIeŽ switches, HBA and RAID cards for NVMe; 2017-NVMe is the leading storage interface for SSDs!
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What You Need to Know to Win the
Storage Transition – Preparing for
NVM Express™ in the Data Center
Jonmichael Hands

Product Manager, Intel Corporation, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

Michael Hall

Director of Technology Solutions Enabling, Intel Corporation, Data Center Group


• NVM Express™ (NVMe) is Transforming the Data Center
• NVMe Ecosys ... See more
06 October, 2015