Skyscrapers Is To Spiderman as UNUSUAL City Roads to Airwheel Unicycles

 Lawrence Mease

08, September 2015: What makes Spiderman the Spiderman today? Indeed his super power is just one key elements. If there is no skyscrapers in the cities, Spiderman might not be as cool as he is now. Skyscrapers make the Spiderman today. Seemingly, these unusual roads make Airwheel intelligent scooters the cool and better city vehicles today.


It’s not novel to drive cars on the street roads. Yet there are roads where cars can reach. And there roads make Airwheel intelligent scooters the cool and better city vehicles today. For instance, the sidewalks in the traffic peak are much faster than these main roads, but the cars are not available on these sidewalks; in the parks, it’s rather desirable to enjoy the beauties on both sides of the small park roads, but cars are not available on that roads. At that time, people need the vehicles which are powerful yet small enough to be rode on these “unusual” roads for cars.


Airwheel intelligent scooters are the vehicles which are developed with the advanced intelligent technologies. All the hardware and software integrate intelligent technologies. The operating system packages many function modules like aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system which provide functions of both performances and protections to vehicle and riders. The vehicle units are all top-quality ones from top-brands in each field, like the battery cores from Sony and Panasonic and the tyres form Cheng Shin.


The top-quality software and hardware are the guarantee of the strong performances and stability of the vehicles. So Airwheel intelligent scooters are suitable to all city roads. For instance, Airwheel X5 electric unicycles are suitable to the underground passages and sidewalks because of their small sizes and light weight; Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled intelligent scooters are the products which have better stability and manoeuvrability and become the favourable toys for extreme players.

These “unusual” roads are not the restrictions of Airwheel scooters. Instead, they make Airwheel vehicles the better vehicle today.

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