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Smart Metering Analytics

 Ilario Tito
Description: In this electronic presentations is about the metering analytics. Agenda of this presentations are enel key facts, introduction to enel smart metering, analytics for everyday operations and more about the next generation. Enel key facts are presence in 40 countries, customers are 61 million, Employees 74000, Enel today integrated energy player with creates and distributes value in the international energy market. Electricity Distribution around the world 11 DSOs in 8 Countries, 1,9 mln km Electricity lines, 434 TWh Energy Distributed, 61,2 mln connection points. Global electricity distribution player, our experience to serve the countries. Assigning activities to worker teams works are designed, planned and assigned by Enel technicians working in local districts. A flexible assignment matrix allows proper allocation of workload. Subcontractor are managed at Department Level. 5 years long project to implement the biggest smart metering infrastructure ever. Italian pioneering experience and leadership continuous evolution. Increasing amount of information adding value or confusion to everyday operations. Structured Databases, secure access, reporting and analytics to support employees.
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Smart Metering Analytics

Tools to extract value from advanced metering infrastructure
Grid Analytics 2013
London - October 24, 2013
Ilario Tito
Africa and Middle East - International Business Development



Enel Key Facts

Introduction to Enel Smart Metering

Analytics for everyday operations

Next generation

October, 24

Analytics on s ... See more

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