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Taking Stock: A Great Week for Chips and Equipment, Both Hitting New Highs for the Year

Description: Chipmaking stocks outperformed the broad market with the remaining companies continuing to beat analysts’ expectations. They also got a nice boost from upgrades in the PC sector. Many expect PC units to increase by nearly 13% in the next two years, driven primarily by a new replacement cycle, especially in the enterprise sector where upgrades have been minimal in the last 4 years. Also, electronics appears to be one of best performing sectors this holiday season, which bodes well for the sector.
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Taking Stock: Chipmaking stocks had a great week, with both Chips and
Equipment hitting new highs for the year. Moreover, chipmaking stocks outperformed the broad market by a significant margin with the remaining companies that reported last week continuing to beat analysts' expectations. Chipmaking stocks also got a nice boost from upgrades in the PC sector. Many analysts now expect PC units to ... See more

Semiconductor WEEK: March 24, 2012

Semiconductor Analytics • IC Sales jump 7%, Units hot, ASPs strong • Strongest week since November • Electronics: Starting to recover • Handsets are closing in on the PC market

24 March, 2012

Semiconductor WEEK: March 16, 2012

An overview of results and conclusions from the week’s studies at VLSI: • Semiconductor Analytics • The Chip Insider® Graphics: • Capacity Utilization by node for January

17 March, 2012
14 January, 2012