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The Cooks Tour - The IBM Research Semiconductor Group

 G. Dan Hutcheson
Description: The IBM Research Semiconductor Group is one of only three logic research centers left in the world that does credible broad-spectrum device research. Older than Moore’s Law, IBM’s researchers have led the semiconductor industry for decades. So IBM’s decision to keep semiconductor research, as it spun-off its Microelectronics division last year, created a question of why. This question is examined plus more, such as why it represents a new R&D Model? Why systems companies need a deep understanding of devices and interconnect? Apple, Google, and Facebook R&D best practice contrasts ...
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
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August 2016

The Cook’s Tour:

The IBM Research Semiconductor Group
g dan hutcheson

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G. Dan Hutcheson
17 January, 2017

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