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The Evolution of Wireless Mobile Communication

 Hyung-Jin Choi
Description: From 1G mobile communications to 4G mobile communications, a complete overview. Topics include cellular fundamentals, Frequency Division Multiple Access, Time Division Multiple Access, Code-Division Multiple Access, International Mobile Telecommunication, Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous, Cell spectral efficiency, Peak Spectral Efficiency, Bandwidth, Normalized Cell edge user throughput, Latency, VoIP Capacity, Mobility, and Handover and much more.
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Evolution of Wireless Mobile Communication

2009. 11. Hyung-Jin Choi

Sungkyunkwan University

Evolution of Wireless Mobile Communication

Multiple Access Scheme � FDMA
Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA)
FDMA gives users an individual allocation of one or several frequency bands, or channels FDMA is a basic technology in the analog Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) Tra ... See more
Hyung-Jin Choi
12 January, 2010