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The Gaming Industry: The Very Center of the Digital Shift

 Dr. Malte Behrmann
Description: The European industry is profiting from the growth of the games sector and not only international media groups; so far Europe hosted mainly developers and had in the traditional value chain to cooperate mostly with publishers and other partners from overseas. Computer games have weathered the storms of the 2008 crisis so far. In the market the digital shift is even supported by the economic decline of the old economy. Europe is a strong player in online and browser based games.
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Domain: Electronics
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Name: European Games Developer Federation Ekonomisk F�rening (EGDF) Interest Representative Register ID: 37882052302-18 Address: Anckargripsgatan 3, SE 211 19 Malm�, Sweden

Subject: Statement on the future "EU 2020" Strategy

1. Computer games are a growing industry in the very centre of the digital shift

As the first truly digital medium computer games have developed con ... See more

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