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the smart mirror

Description: Everyone knows what a mirror is. It is an object found in most people’s homes. In mirrors we see our reflections. But what happens when you combine the idea of a mirror with technology? What possibilities are there and how smart could a mirror be? These are some of the questions that inspired my choice of final year project, a project which aimed to develop a smart mirror and a small operating system to power it. The device was to go beyond an ordinary mirror, to have a screen inside that you would be able to interact with by using voice commands, hand gestures and smart phones or other devices. In this paper, we describe the design and development of a futuristic mirror that offers simplified and customizable services to the home environment. The mirror interface provides users with the versatility needed for better management and integration of daily tasks. On a par with the recent advances in the Internet of Things standards and applications, the mirror is designed to enable residents to control the household smart appliances and access personalized services. The proposed system is set apart from others for its provision of various customized information services for user profile generation.
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