Thwarting Cache-based Software Side Channel Attacks by Deconstructing New Cache Designs

 Jingfei Kong, Onur Acıiçmez, Jean-Pierre Seifert, Huiyang Zhou
Description: Latest software cache-based side channel attacks are emerging threats. Side channel attacks exploit any observable information generated as a by product of the cryptosystem implementation. Infer the secret info, take advantage of spatial and temporal locality to minimize communication latency. Software-managed observation – No need for physical possession of the attacked system. Current secure cache designs are still missing some important security issues.
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Deconstructing New Cache Designs for Thwarting Software Cache-based Side Channel Attacks
Jingfei Kong* Onur Acii�mez Jean-Pierre Seifert Huiyang Zhou University of Central Florida Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics University of Central Florida


� Background (more details are in related papers) � Security evaluation on previously proposed secure c ... See more

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