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Using GIS to Promote Regional and Local Economic Development for Utilities

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Freeway-Arterial Operations
AZTech™ White Paper
Prepared by Bruce Dressel
City of Scottsdale
Freeway traffic interchanges (TI’s) dissect most municipalities in the Phoenix metro area, and
channel large volumes of traffic to and from arterial streets. Coordination between the TI’s and
the arterial streets are critical to the safety and efficiency of the traveling public, both on a ... See more

Cyber War Methods and Practice

This paper presents the current state and deals with the theoretical and practical problems. In practice, cyberwar is an integral part of military action.

09 August, 2019
08 August, 2019

Cell and Tissue Engineering

This presentation is about cell structure, cell sourcing, the cause of immature microorganisms, and incited pluripotent undifferentiated organisms and their induction techniques.

Aalto University
12 June, 2019