VLSIís Lithography Annual

 G. Dan Hutcheson

VLSI’s Annual Panel on Lithography

This is the year of immersion. It’s moved to manufacturing and EUV seems closer than ever before. Find out the latest trends in lithography for semiconductor manufacturing of future technology for tomorrow’s nanochips, which are plunging to dimensions of 32nm and below. It covers high-refractive index materials, inverse lithography, double patterning, imprint lithography and more. Hear the world’s top experts from the leading scanner manufacturers debate what’s hot and what’s not . . .

Bill Arnold of ASML More than 3 million wafers have been through an ASML immersion tool at this video’s juncture. In addition to the above topics, Bill Arnold draws on a wealth of knowledge gleaned from having lots of immersion lithography tools in the field. He also discusses ASML’s latest progress on EUV in Albany and Leuven. We also celebrate what is likely the tenth anniversary of the Twinscan platform’s conception. It was conceived with the dream of hitting .25 micron, now it’s working on 22 nanometers. Find out why it was so ground breaking and how it changed the world of lithography . . .

Gene Fuller of Nikon In this video, Gene Fuller covers the latest progress in lithography at Nikon in both immersion and EUV. In addition to the above topics, he also discusses the progress that’s been made with immersion at Nikon, with results that show defects should no longer an issue with immersion if you’ve got the right tool. He also discusses how immersion is different than dry in manufacturing and how you will need to approach it differently to optimize the results in your fab . . .

Phil Ware of Canon In this video, Canon’s Phil Ware discusses the issues surrounding the various lithography alternatives as nanochips plunge to dimensions of 32nm and below. In addition to the above topics, he offers what is probably the first public discussion of Canon’s new 7000 scanner. It does both dry and wet and the first system has shipped. He describes why it’s different and what it has to offer. He also discusses what he thinks are the next step down litho road. Phil’s got a great track record for predicting technical developments and he’s always interesting . . .

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Recorded on November 5, 2007. You will need Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above to view.

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