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When will EUV make it to production?

Posted on: 11-Sep-2007

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Statistics behind the survey:
As you know, our quick survey showed 48% of people expect EUV to reach production between 2015 and 2019 (poll_details). Only 4% put done never as a response.
We got a lot of questions about the stats behind the survey. Calculating error distributions is somewhat different than entry-level college statistics because it is not a safe assumption that the population of EUV deciders is infinite. There are only 20 semiconductor companies that matter when in comes to capital spending and there are typically fewer than five deciders in each for any given tool type. So the total population of deciders in the semiconductor industry is fewer than 100 samples.
The statistical error was +- 1.9% 3-sigma, assuming a population of 100 deciders and a sample size of 28 responses. By the way if we did assume that the population was infinite, the one-sigma error is between four and nine percent. But you should also consider that there are no controls on these types of open surveys. More importantly they are the current opinions and are highly subject to change as more facts come in about EUV technology.
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