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SPIE Surprises, The 45nm Yield Ramp, The Invention of the Wafer Stepper.

Posted on: 27-Feb-2008

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Survey from SPIE’s Advanced Lithography Symposium and more.


As I walked around SPIE two questions kept popping up. So I thought I’d see what you think.

What surprised you most at SPIE this year:  Was it the Packed EUV sessions, AMD/IBM EUV chips, Imprint advances, Samsung work in Imprint, High Attendance, New data pipe products, Focus on double exposure, Intel\'s gaggle of papers, or Nothing surprised me? Click here to input your opinions.

Computational Lithography: Intel revealed a lot about what they are doing in computational Lithography at SPIE. Why do you think they are up to? Showing off how far ahead they are? They need to get the infrastructure moving? They are in an early consensus phase? They want to scare everyone out of the business? It\'s all a head fake and they are really working on something else. Click here to imput your opinions.


Rick Wallace, KLA-Tencor -- Accelerating the 45nm Yield Ramp This is the year of the 45nm production ramp and one of the biggest issues is yield. In this video Rick Wallace, CEO of KLA-Tencor, discusses how the company is addressing this critical issue. He addresses the new focus of the company on inspection, the acquisitions of ADE and Thermawave and how they will be integrated into K-T’s ability to enable solutions to their customer’s problems.

To view this video, you must have Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above.

The Invention of the Wafer Stepper In a great feat of product marketing, Bill Tobey conceptualized the wafer stepper in the late 1970s while at GCA. It would prove to be one of the most important tools propelling Moore’s Law forward for decades to come. Find out how it all happened, how GCA built an empire around it and then ultimately lost it. There are lots of lessons to learn from Bill as he discusses the early history of lithography from the stepper to x-ray. His breadth of experience is why people still seek out his advice.

The Chip History Center: Every day thousands of people attend this virtual museum to find out about how the making of semiconductors transformed the world.

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