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Who will fund 450mm and when will EUV arrive

Posted on: 28-Jul-2007

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In this issue . . .
The results are in for our latest surveys in electronics:
        If 450mm happens, who will have funded it? 
        When will EUV make it to production?
One Atom Short of a Gate Dielectric . . .
The results are in for our latest surveys in electronics:
So here it is, after four weeks of polling to get the industry’s view on two of the hottest questions in semiconductors.
If 450mm happens, who will have funded it?
             14% — Suppliers
             19% — Chip makers
             50% — 1-3 Chip mkrs
             12% — ISMI
                0% — SEMI
                5% — Government
So, the industry voted that it will essentially be a consortium of top chip makers who funds 450mm. As for EUV, it does not look like it’s too far off, with 48% predicting it’s arrival in about 10 years.
When will EUV make it to production:
            15% — 2010 - 2014
            48% — 2015 - 2019
            26% — 2020 - 2024
             7% — 2025 or after
 4% — Never
Here are the new surveys:
Michael Moore’s film Sicko: Based on your experience, how accurate and unbiased did you find the depiction of health care in this film:
            O Highly
            O Moderately
            O Neutral
            O Not Very
            O Not at all
How likely is Apple’s strategy with the iPhone and the difficulties with Microsoft’s Vista to cause a shift in corporate IT spending away from the PC and to the Mac:
            O Highly
            O Moderately
            O Neutral
            O Not Very
            O Not at all
Should the U.S. Senate override President Bush’s veto of the Stem Cell Bill?
            O Yes, rarely
            O No, never
            O Undecided
Which solar technology is most likely to dominate in 10 years?
            O Poly-Si
            O Mono-Si
            O Thin Film Si
            O Other Thn Flm
            O None
            O Not Clear Yet
One Atom Short of a Gate Dielectric . . .
What’s the difference between an industry analyst and a stock analyst? When the industry analyst’s forecast is wrong, it’s because the analyst messed up. When the stock analyst’s forecast is wrong, it’s because the company missed expectations.
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