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Posted on: 22-Feb-2008

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Talking Points for SPIE’s Advanced Lithography Symposium.


EUV\'s untimely demise:  Will EUV die at this year\'s SPIE conference as a prominent journalist has predicted? An overwhelming majority of 87% of you disagreed and only 4% and only 4% agreed.

Immersion Litho: How many nodes will immersion remain at the leading edge beyond 45nm? A slight majority of 52% thought that it will be at the leading edge for 2 nodes. Only 17% thought it would last 1 node, or through 32 nm. But 31% but it 3 nodes. No one thought it would last beyond this.

Imprint Lithography: How have your views on the possibility of imprint lithography becoming a future semiconductor manufacturing changed over the last 12 months? The results were very mixed with weight towards No Change (44%) to Less Likely (30%). The views of about a quarter (26%) of the respondents shifted to More Likely.

So now you have your talking points for SPIE: Long live the King, Immersion, EUV is not dead, and Imprint is still on the sidelines?


Computational Lithography: A Demonstration \"\" In this video, Yan Borodovsky, follows up on the first interview with a demonstration that shows what the reticles look like and how they work using a laser pointer. Yan Borodovsky is a Senior Intel Fellow and is Director of Advanced Lithography there. To view this video, you must have Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above.

A Blast from the Past:
The Near Impossibility of Making a Microchip  This superb article, about the birth of the Perkin Elmer Projection Scanning Aligner, was first published in the Fall 1999 issue of American Heritage of Information & Technology. It describes a birth that was almost stillborn, but without which, today’s step-and-scan exposure systems might not exist; nor would the super-complex chips at the heart of almost all electronic devices. Get a feel for the industry’s struggles and how close it might have come to utter failure, but how it was saved by some of our industry’s brightest stars. It really wasn\'t any different than today in a lot of ways.

Afterwards, visit the photo gallery to view activities occurring at Perkin Elmer during its heyday. Also, you might want to hear from Dave Markle who was there: Click here to hear him describe how it came to be . . . how they got management to sign off on the funding . . . and how they would ultimately lose an empire as size degenerated a great, innovative culture into a bickering, inwardly focused one, where politics rather than addressing customer need got you ahead. Dave has lots of lessons to teach any young entrepreneur in this video.

We would like to take this opportunity to salute Information & Technology magazine for its very fine presentations on American technology and to encourage your support of it.

The Chip History Center: Every day thousands of people attend this virtual museum to find out about how the making of semiconductors transformed the world.


On the Survey Fun side:

Best Smart Phone: What is the best smartphone brand for the mobile professional? No one is touching Blackberry in this community, with all the respondents voting for it. Not a one for the iPhone, Treo, Q, Sidekick, Nokia, or anyone else. So it looks like everyone else still has their marketing homework cut out for them.

Getting a MacBook Air? Two thirds said they might buy one and only a fifth said never. So Apple really is making some headway among the elite.

Tom Cruise’s Ducati: While the results were not statistically significant, the range in which people thought it would be before Tom Cruise bins the first Ducati Desmosedici RR Moto GP racing replica was between one and six months.


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