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Microsoft's Vista, What's Your Forecast, SPIE Surprises, The America Competes Act & More.

Posted on: 06-Mar-2008

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Microsoft’s Vista™ the best thing to ever happen to Apple. I managed to get my hands on the Sony Vaio Carbon Fiber laptop, which is the closest thing competiting with Apple’s MacBook Air™. It\'s an SZ series with a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor and a whopping 3GB of RAM (hey I\'m doing my job to support these hard times. Now this hardware should make it the fastest thing around my block. Unfortunately, it’s no faster than my old Sony Vaio with a much slower Duo processor. It came with Vista, which as everyone says, makes things much slower. It does. There is no doubt about it! Moreover, it’s unstable, crashing once a day so far. No wonder IT managers hate it. The bus on the Internet blogs is that they fired the people responsible for developing it -- never a good sign. The problem is that the interface has totally changed and it’s not very intuitive. That’s being kind, because after two weeks with it, I find it very confusing. Plus they’ve made it far harder to manage your folders and do the tasks you used to do. So if you ever wanted to switch to Apple, but feared the learning curve – now is the best time ever. Meanwhile, I\'m going to have to walk over a few blocks and talk to Steve about his MacBook Air. I would also caution you to do some serious research before buying any machine with Vista on it.


Survey Results from SPIE: Respondents were most surprised with the packed EUV sessions and many think computational lithography is a head fake.

Here are the results from last week’s SPIE questions:

What surprised you most at SPIE this year:  1) the Packed EUV sessions was tops with 40% of the results, while it was a tie between AMD/IBM EUV chips and Imprint advances with 20% each. Samsung’s work in Imprint, High Attendance, New data pipe products, Focus on double exposure, Intel\'s gaggle of papers, or Nothing surprised me garnered no replies while 20% didn’t answer.

Computational Lithography: Intel revealed a lot about what they are doing in computational Lithography at SPIE. What did respondents think they are up to? 25% thought that it\'s all a head fake and they are really working on something else. Then it was a tie between, they are in an early consensus phase and none of the above, with 17% voting for each.  Meanwhile 8% thought they were either just showing off how far ahead they are or all of the above, including, they need to get the infrastructure moving or They want to scare everyone out of the business. So, it was pretty mixed with no real conclusion. Personally, I think they’re trying to build concensus.


What’s Your Forecast?

In 2008, How much will the Semiconductor Market Grow? Click Here to Answer This Survey

Chip Equipment Markets?  Click Here to Answer This Survey

Has the Memory Price Crash Bottomed Out? Click Here to Answer This Survey

mySURVEY at Do your own Internet survey. It’s free and quick. To start your own private survey, first log-on as a member. Then click on weSURVEY, which is the drop down window under My weSRCH in the menu bar on the top right. It’s real easy to use once you’re there.


America COMPETES Act – Lots of Rhetoric but Little Action  SIA has expressed great disappointment in the U.S. government for the lack of action in enhancing American competitiveness. They are upset because when Congress passed the ‘America COMPETES’ Act and President Bush signed it with great fanfare, it didn’t include the appropriations needed to fund the programs it authorizes. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) President George Scalise describes why programs for funding high tech research, immigration reform, and R&D tax credits are very important for the future of the United States.

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Images of History: People, Circa 1958 -- Bob Noyce\'s Fairchild Business Card and Photos – Get a glimpse into the man who invented the Integrated Circuit and launched an industry while he did it.

The Chip History Center: Every day thousands of people attend this virtual museum to find out about how the making of semiconductors transformed the world.

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