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Paper of the Year awarded to Mark Bohr. Also winning awards were Kevin Witt, The Asthma Foundation of Victoria, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning

Posted on: 07-Jan-2008

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WeSRCH Paper of the Year awarded to Mark Bohr.

Also winning awards were Kevin Witt, The Asthma Foundation of Victoria, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning


The paper of the weSRCH Paper of  the Year award goes to Mark Bohr for The invention of strained silicon transistors at Intel. With 1769 views, it was the unquestioned winner overall. In other words, 1769 times somewhere in world, sometime last year, someone was reading his paper.

The Electronics Paper of the Year goes to Kevin Witt, whose A (brief & Incomplete) History of Electroplating came in with 1440 views.

The Medical Paper of the Year goes to The Asthma Foundation of Victoria for its Babies, Wheeze and Asthma which had 381 viewing.

The Energy Paper of the Year goes to Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning 21st Century Electric Car


Also, here’s some of the most popular articles over the last seven days that I found interesting:


Most of the news is centered on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That aside, three articles caught my attention:

AMD’s asset-lite strategy lives not! - Fabtech – Finally, someone with some sense. But not total sense, one of the big misconceptions about AMD is with manufacturing. Few know how really good they are. All 45nm and 32nm processes are not alike, despite what the foundries would have you believe. No company has been able to field a competitive microprocessor using a foundry. Most are out of business, and the last great foundry hope, Transmeta, went down in the first round.  Just ask Brian Halla about it.

Can TI rebound in baseband? -

It’s classic Mark LaPedus: very edgy and to the point. Definitely a good read. You may also want to check out Is Texas Instruments in trouble? and Texas Instruments: smart move or shortsighted cost saver? from last year’s weQuest articles, which we predicted what is now becoming news.

ITC initiates Tessera-requested DRAM action -


On the medical side:


Chinese manufacturers vie for piece of outsourcing pie - (subscription) is about them vying for a share of the Pharma outsourcing market. Your health insurance company may love it, but I’m not so sure you will after the year’s scandals.

Scientists look to sperm to power nanobots - MSNBCToo funny to be true . . . not . . . they are serious.

 Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart, stroke risk - Scientific American — Another thing to worry about.


And finally, in Energy:


Home wind turbines dealt a blow - Guardian Unlimited — But, good news for solar.

Bacteria used to power fuel cell - The Money Times — More small stuff.

High-Tech is coming! - TruckTrend Magazine — The latest cool toys from the DARPA unmanned auto competition.


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