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Posted on: 08-Nov-2007

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My images from SEMI’s conference in Hawaii. The first series is from the Putt Putt 500 teambuilding event, which features executives from all over the world working together to build and paint a cardboard race car. The theme for the cars was renewable energy. They raced across the field, jumped out, putting a small foam ball into a hole, jumped back in, and raced back, to change drivers and the human engine for a second round. The first back with the best golf score won. There was only one crash in the last stretch of the race. Fortunately no one was hurt. It was all for fun and fun for all. In the end, the beige team won – after all we are techies — and they know who they are. In any case it was a great place to meet executives from around the world. The second series covers the “Pirates in Paradise” costume party that evening. Find out who was brave enough to suit up and join the fun and who was not so brave. You may be surprised and you’ll get see if I was brave or not at t

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