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Jim Morgan on Successful Business Relationships & Nokia's Empire Strikes Back

Posted on: 10-Aug-2007

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The Empire Strikes Back: Nokia adds WiMax, besting Apple’s WiFi
One had to wonder how Nokia would respond to Apple’s incorporation of WiFi in their iPhone. Like most market leaders, Nokia waited for the new entrant to show their hand before they made their move. You have to know Nokia knew all about it long before the iPhone was released (If they didn’t, somebody needs to be fired in sales and marketing). Today’s news on Nokia shows they are no slouches when it comes to business strategy.
Jim Morgan’s Personal Guidelines for Business Relationships:
·     Agreements must be perceived as fair by both parties. Goals should be attainable and payoffs realized.
·     Long-term relationships have greater payoffs financially and in personal satisfaction than quick reward of advantage.
·     I never expect to make money unless my partners make money first.
·     I keep my partners apprised of both the success and the failures of my efforts.
·     I believe my contribution is critical, but that my partners can be successful without me.
·     All business relationships require open and honest communication, teamwork, and patience.
From the book: Maxims of Hi-Tech
Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment . . .
or how to thrive in what is the extreme sport of business
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