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1st 450mm Wafer, Business Incentives and Decision Making at Intel, and Equipment is Going to Get Expensive

Posted on: 25-Jan-2008

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Three new postings that I know you’ll enjoy.


450mm Just how big is it? Dan Hutcheson is presented with one of the world’s first 450mm wafers by Daisuke Oka of Nippon Mining & Metals. Intel’s Mike Goldstein is also on-hand as they discuss the importance of having these wafers and what development work they will enable. To view this video, you must have Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above. 01-23 (video)


Business Incentives and Decision Making at Intel: Bill Holt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TMG at Intel, discusses the business incentive for developing semiconductors in the nanochip era. To view this video, you must have Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or above. 01-21 (video)

A Blast from the Past:
In the News: Equipment Is Going to Get Expensive — Litho, Testers, and BONDERS, Oh My: Expect a five-fold increase in the cost of a chip fab, which might go from $5 to 25 . . . million (not billion) . . .  and “every dollar made by the industry will have to be ploughed back into capital equipment.”  The vision of factories being too expensive has been as mythological as the end of Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law has been the proverbial Wizard of Oz that has made it all possible. Or as Dorothy said, “Toto, were not in Kansas anymore!”


The Chip History Center:  Every day thousands of people attend this virtual museum to find out about how the making of semiconductors transformed the world.


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