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Computational Lithography Revisited

Posted on: 28-Jun-2007

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How to get the original PowerPoint file with audio
For all of you who were interested in hearing the audio track for Intel’s PowerPoint presentation by Vivek Singh, manager of Intel's lithography modeling group and Yan Borodovsky, Senior Fellow and director of advanced manufacturing lithography, we created a special link for you to download an exe (zip) file that will allow you to extract the full power point presentation. It is more than 12MB, but definitely worth the wait if you have questions:
Also, I can highly recommend M. David Levenson’s Intel promotes computational lithography capabilities. Dave is Senior Technical Editor and he is the world’s most respected journalist when it comes to covering lithography. He is also one of the brightest minds when it comes to lithography technology.
Changing subjects: The hottest Papers uploaded over the past week are:
1)       Computational Lithography @ Intel
2)       The Nanoport
3)       Nanotechnology White Paper
4)       Harnessing Solar Energy for the Production of Clean Fuels
5)       Wire Bond and Beyond: Semiconductor Packaging Innovations
The hottest Press Releases uploaded over the past week are:
2)       New Toshiba mobile LBA-NAND Memory chips for Mobile Phones Support Both SLC and MLC Memory Areas
3)       2007 Overall 10 BEST Awards
4)       Toshiba Develops 60GHz Receiver Technology Using CMOS Device
5)       Toshiba Adds 4GB microSDHC Card to Extensive Memory Card Line-Up
So Rebecca Bueno at Toshiba and Jan Johnson at Multipath take the prize with 3 of the top 5 releases. While, Pushpita Prasad at Novellus and Jen Bernier at Hoffman take top spot for their Novellus release. My personal congratulations to all four.

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