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An Early Progress Report from

Posted on: 09-Mar-2007

Page Views: 1799

Since launched seven weeks ago, we’ve received over 700,000 hits, helped in part by keen interest in the high-k announcements by IBM, Intel, and Sematech.
The most popular paper thus far is from Mark Bohr, an Intel senior fellow, who wrote about how Intel engineers discovered the effects of uniaxial strain on CMOS transistor performance.
At WeSRCH, an author who receives more than 500 views for a particular paper is promoted from “Member” to “Senior.” An author who garners 700 or more views for a contributed article becomes a WeSRCH “fellow.”
To further spur interest, the author of the paper which receives the highest interest each month will be rewarded with a Wild Photons gift certificate, entitling the author to a gallery-sized (16 x 24 inches) fine art photo of his or her choice. G. Dan Hutcheson, who has contributed often to WeSRCH, is the photographer.
Mark Bohr thus becomes the site’s first Fellow and receives a fine art print of his choice from the Wild Photons site ( Congratulations, Mark, and thanks for writing a truly interesting article on strained silicon.
Kevin Witt, blessed with talent as a historian of technology, wrote about the history of electroplating, and his article also is approaching 700 views as of this writing. Chris Mack, a lithography researcher, is near the 700 mark with his paper about immersion lithography. Manjesh Singh is now a senior member with his piece on identity theft, which continues to attract daily views.
Besides these articles, the site has attracted corporate presentations in PDF format on new technologies, including descriptions of Intel’s high-k/metal gate technology, Invarium’s double-patterning simulation tools, and Applied Material’s innovative approach to extending the limits of optical lithography. This week, we received two flash-related presentations from Intel, and two presentations from Freescale Semiconductor on its MRAM and distributed chip packaging technologies. These types of PDF presentations are, of course, entirely welcome.
We still need your help to get the word out that WeSRCH is a place for people – ranging from students in India to senior technologists at large corporations – to express their ideas and opinions. WeSRCH is something different, a social networking site for people working on various technologies. It relies on technologists, corporate PR professionals, marketers, and others to feed the site with interesting papers, press releases, and member-moderated communities.
Now, who will win the fine art photo for March?
If you have ideas on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to call me at 512-263-2201, or send an e-mail to

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An Early Progress Report from »

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