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WeSRCH update: Edwards, Mack are winners

Posted on: 19-Apr-2007

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Just as the Spring winds blow from various directions, has taken on an eclectic nature that has been fun to watch.
WeSRCH recently received a 21-page paper on metrology from Benjamin Bunday and 16 other authors from Sematech's ISMI subsidiary and several large IDMs. It is a great short course on how value-added metrology contributes, and how to do it right.
Dick James, a technology analyst at Chipworks, contributed two articles, both of which have wonderful SEM photos to support the text. One peers into Freescale’s MRAM chip. Treat yourself to the almost atomic-level photos to see what an MRAM memory cell looks like. His second article is about the history of strained silicon, a nice counterpoint to Mark Bohr’s paper on strained silicon.
Technology analyst Jim Handy has contributed three articles, one on Spansion’s Eclipse flash product family, which is moving toward 4-bit-per-cell capabilities next year. Bob Johnstone, a Scot who now lives in Australia, contributed two excerpts from his new book: Brilliant: Shuji Nakamura and the Revolution in Lighting Technology. This is a truly great new book that may refresh your faith in the technology industry.
We have started a tradition of awarding a fine art photo to the author of the liveliest paper contributed during the previous month. For contributions during March, we award Wild Photons gift certificates, worth $400 each, to two authors: Sam Edwards for his tutorial on photovoltaics, and Chris Mack for his lithographer’s diary. Congratulations, and thanks for contributing.
And some important news: WeSRCH has moved to a set of new servers co-located at the Fremont, Calif. data center operated by Hurricane Electric. There, we have fully 10 Mbps of bandwidth. And redundancy: in the event that one carrier’s network fails, WeSRCH’s network switches to a second carrier. Congratulations to Manjesh Singh, our IT guru, for his team’s hard work on getting the new hardware up and running without a hitch.
With plenty of bandwidth, we welcome your contributions. Please go to, log in, post a paper, and rate and comment on other’s papers.
Because the site depends on content contributed from its members, the site is wonderfully eclectic, becoming ever more so as, day-by-day, more people contribute their thoughts.
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