Sustainability Innovation Future
Edgardo Saucedo P...
15 December, 2017
Blueprint for Smart Energy From Innovation to Sustainable Scare
Bartosz Wojszczyk...
14 December, 2017
An Energy Utility Perspective and Approach to Airborne Wind
Kester Gunn, Henr...
13 December, 2017
Bluesource Environmental, Social and Governance Goals
12 December, 2017
2017 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release
Lisa Schofield
11 December, 2017
Oil Spills: The Bane of Thermoelectric Power Generation
Maximo Cerame-Viv...
09 December, 2017
Succession in The Petroleum Reservoir Microbiome Through An Oil Field Production Lifecycle
Adrien Vigneron, ...
08 December, 2017
Impacts of oil spills on shorelines
07 December, 2017
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
An Introduction to Coastal Habitats and Biological Resource for Oil Spill Response
Miles O. Hayes, R...
06 December, 2017
Philippe Crouzet
05 December, 2017
Changes in the Arctic; Background and Issues for Congress
Ronald O'Rourke
04 December, 2017
L A Perspective on Digitalisation in the Oil and Gas Industry
Datuk Shahrol
01 December, 2017
Greenacle Bioremediation and Waste Treatment
30 November, 2017
Health Effects of Oil Spills
Angela Eykelbosh ...
29 November, 2017
5th Generation Flooded Lead-Acid Battery Technology for Stop and Start Vehicles
Satoshi Inagaki, ...
28 November, 2017
Safe air transport of Lithium cells and batteries
27 November, 2017
The Electrification of Terminals and The Impact of Forward Power Demand Planning
Chris Pretorius
25 November, 2017
Nanoscale Electrodeposition
Rob Snyder
24 November, 2017
Future battery technologies for transport applications
23 November, 2017
Monitoring and optimising waste heat recovery for diesel-electric vessel propulsion
Eric Link
22 November, 2017