20 Years of Achievements of Morocco Under The Leadership of King ​Mohammed VI

 Shankar Shankar

Morocco is celebrating this July 30​th​ the Throne Day to commemorate the enthronement of KingMohammed VI.

Berlin, Germany., July 30, 2019 -- Morocco is celebrating this July 30​th​ the Throne Day to commemorate the enthronement of KingMohammed VI.

The Throne Day celebration is a very symbolic event for the whole Nation as it reflects the renewal of the act of allegiance between the King and the Moroccan people. It’s a time also to review all the achievements and challenges still facing the country.

For the past two decades Morocco has embarked on a series of reforms in all sectors. A number of political, economic and social reforms were accelerated: women’s rights, human development and the fight against poverty, precarity and social exclusion to name just a few.

These reforms enabled Morocco to go through transformations and led to major achievements, making of the Kingdom a safe and sustainable country especially in a context of regional instability.For this reason, tourism has boomed, and ​foreign direct investment​ reached 3.3billion USD in 2018, an increase of 28,6%, mainly inautomotive, aeronautics and renewable energy.

One of the Major infrastructure projects that has made of Morocco a dynamic hub in the African continent as well as in the MENA region is TangerMed. This is the largest port in Africa and the Mediterranean bridging Africa to Europe. This port represents a world-class platform for export, connected to 186 ports in 77 countries.

On the international arena, Morocco has been committed to address challenges relating to peace and security, migration, countering terrorism and climate change.

Morocco is known to have a long tradition of religious tolerance. Open mosques, synagogues and churches are a common tradition throughout this twelve-century old Kingdom.

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