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A Tour of Some Stunning Prehistoric Hanging Canal Images

 Don Lancaster and Dr. James Neely
Description: An image tour of some newly rediscovered prehistoric hanging canals from the bajadas of Southeastern Arizona's Pinalino mountains. These canals were literally "hung" on the edges of steep sided mesas. making their slopes largely independent of the surrounding terrain and thus providing exceptional energy efficiency during construction. These unique mountain stream based world class discoveries date from the 1350's and remain largely unknown and unstudied . A total of twenty nine canals are under exploration for a total distance of nearly sixty miles. Tours, grants, and field mice are most definitely encouraged.
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A Tour of Some Prehistoric
Hanging Canal Images
Don Lancaster and Dr. James Neely
Synergetics, Box 809, Thatcher, AZ 85552
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Some recent rediscoveries in the bajadas of the Pinaleno Mountains of Arizona’s
Safford Basin have identified a stunning group of uniq ... See more
08 March, 2014