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Anti-reflection Coatings for Silicon Solar Cells

 Daniel Nilsen Wright
Description: Solar cell efficiency is given mainly by the cell’s ability to convert incoming photons to electron-hole pairs and avoid the electron and hole recombining before they reach the solar cell contacts. The anti-reflective coating (ARC) increases solar cell performance by reducing the amount of reflected photons. Some ARC films passivate recombination sites on the surface and in the bulk of Si. Anti-reflective coatings are necessary to avoid optical losses and increase the current of the solar cell.
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Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Anti-reflection coatings for silicon solar cells
Daniel Nilsen Wright Department for Solar Energy Institute for Energy Technology


� IFE group � Introduction � Anti-reflective coatings
� Principles � Deposition Techniques

� PECVD systems � Parameter dependence

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