How to Prepare your Plumbing System for this Fall

 Maxim Osadchi

The plumbing system is made up of metal and metal conducts temperature. That’s why it’s important to carry out some basic maintenance and repairs before the fall/winter season to ensure your household plumbing remains intact throughout the cold season. Here are some tips and plumbing advice that will help you prepare your home for fall:

1. Get plumbing maintenance

Homeowners should perform plumbing inspection and maintenance at least once a year. This will ensure you’re aware of the state of your plumbing system and know how it will withstand winter conditions. The inspector can provide advice on repairs and last minute Autumn home improvements that will help make the plumbing system more resilient.

2. Check insulation

Conduct a thorough visual inspection of your plumbing system and check the insulation. Water can freeze quickly inside pipes that aren't insulated and that can lead to clogs in the middle of the winter. Fall is the best time to check the insulation and carry out the repairs to ensure the pipes don't freeze during the winter.

3. Fix the leaks

All leaking pipes should be repaired and reinforced during winter. Leaking and damaged pipes are vulnerable to the cold temperatures, even if they’re insulated. The cold air will sink into the pipes through cracks and damage and cause the water to freeze. That can lead to pipe bursts and even flooding. It’s best to call a professional to handle leaking pipes; but if you want to carry out the repairs without professional assistance, take the time to understand how to fix a leak before you carry tackle the job.

4. Clean up the roof gutters and drains

Clogged roof gutters and drains are some of the most common causes of basement floods, roof leaks, and ice dams during winter. It’s important to clean the roof gutters and drains regularly during fall because the foliage can fill the pipes and gutters during the season. You can use a simple roof rake to remove all the dried leaves and plant matter from the roof or call a professional to help you with the job. They’ll make sure there’s no debris trapped in the gutters and the downspouts to cause problems during winter.

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