What you should consider before buying a tankless water heater for your home

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Technology makes life easier. At home is not the exception. Tankless water heaters are also called as "instant" heaters because they do not need a tank and can provide you and your family with hot water whenever you want.

They offer many benefits; One of the most important benefits they offer to all its users is an endless supply of hot water, with lower costs for their monthly savings, and greater energy efficiency that will benefit the environment, in addition, they have a modern and avant-garde design that does not will alter the beauty of their home.

So when it comes to buying a water tank for your home, you should think about all these advantages that tankless water tanks have, compared to traditional water heaters.

How it works?

The tankless water heater is capable of automatically heating the water at the time it is required. In addition, they have a noticeable difference from traditional water heaters, because tankless devices do not have a storage unit and thus have no residual heat loss.

Tankless water heaters are much more efficient with the electrical energy they consume because they do not lose heat or energy by heating the water that is stored in a tank like traditional water heaters.

Do not impose the model or design of tankless water heaters, they all work in the same basic way. Cold water enters the device, and is heated by a heating apparatus called a heat exchanger, which can be turned on with a switch that is able to detect the flow of water. The heat exchanger may be comprised of a natural gas or propane burner. One important thing to know is that gas-operated non-tank water heaters have a higher heating capacity than electric units, even larger, large capacity heaters are generally heated by gas.

What things should you consider before choosing a tankless water heater?

1. The first aspect is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of having a tankless water heater in your home.

The main advantage of having this device is that you are going to have an abundant supply of hot water, and as we said earlier this apartment can take full advantage of the energy you receive and save a lot of money on electricity bills, besides it is able to leave a smaller footprint of carbon. Another important point is that its useful life is 20 years and are not affected by corrosion. Many of its components can be replaced easily.

You should know what system your home needs because if it is not suitable you will never have enough hot water supply, for this reason you must have technical advice when you want to choose this type of devices for your home.

2. You must select what type of tankless water heater you should place in your home

Consider natural gas or propane. This type of tankless system must have vent holes toward the exterior of the house. It must also have a suitable gas pipe. Gas-operated non-tank water heaters can produce a higher flow of water (gpm or gallons per minute) with a more significant temperature rise, so they are better than electric heaters for integral systems.

Other factors you should consider before choosing the tankless water heater.

You should be aware of the amount of hot water you want to get and also know the extent these devices use as a flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM)

It is also necessary to know the temperature of the cold water to enter the unit.

You should know what temperature you want out of the unit.

These factors are important, they also determine the type, size, and quantity of tankless water heaters you might need in your home.

I want to connect a tankless water heater for my entire home. Which do I need?

Before buying a tankless water heater for your home and supplying all toilets and hot water rooms you should understand that the specific units for this job have a higher GPM flow capacity and can provide hot water for many appliances simultaneously, ie only a tankless water heater that meets certain characteristics can provide water to sprinklers at the same time or a dishwasher, sink in the kitchen, and bathroom faucet at the same time.

Each of these appliances use different amounts of water to operate.

So your decision to buy a single device or the type of device you need will be defined by the water flow rate and the number and types of appliances that are working at the same time in your home. It is very common for people to need more than one home water heater, even needing to be connected in parallel to meet their hot water demands for all the inhabitants of their home.

Check your budget and analyze what you need because tankless water heaters for a whole house are much more expensive and could cost up to several thousand dollars.

What types of tankless water heaters exist in the market?

Currently tankless water heaters are used in many homes around the world and are divided into those that use electricity to run and others that need natural gas or propane. Everything will depend on your needs. Some systems are very powerful and have characteristics that make them ideal to be installed in places where there is a great demand of hot water, in addition to an adequate infrastructure for its installation.

There are also three classifications for these devices, which highlight the type of energy they use to operate. Below we describe:

Electric: the electric tankless water heaters are connected to the household electrical outlets and in this way get their heating power.

Natural gas: These types of tankless water heaters have greater heating capacity than electric ones. Are used to supply hot water to an entire house and other devices simultaneously.

Outdoor: These types of water heaters are installed outside the house and are then able to send hot water through a piping system to all the bathrooms and the kitchen of your home.

Tankless water heater manufacturers that you should know

There are some manufacturers on the market that are known worldwide for the quality of their products. Each one of them offer different alternatives that could help you improve the quality of life of your family. This is a list that you could investigate to know the tankless water heaters they manufacture.

-Stiebel Eltron USA

-Rheem Manufacturing

-Sets Systems, Inc.

-Eemax, Inc.

-Noritz America Corp.

-Takagi Industrial Co.

-Bosch USA

-Bradford White Corp.

-Paloma Industries

-Chronomite Laboratories Inc.

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