Killing the planet: which countries are the worst contributors

 Nicola Mills

When it comes to global warming we are all a little guilty. Most worldly civilizations use energy based on fossil fuels to some extent, but some nations use more than others. And it is time that we as a people of the Earth became more aware of our ecological footprint and made an attempt to reduce our fossil fuel consumption globally across the board. So here are 5 reasons about why we must become more aware of our fossil fuel consumption and prevent global warming:

Unanimous scientific agreement about global warming

Unlike some particular rulers of the free world, most certified scientists agree that fossil fuel combustion poses a massive existential threat to life on Earth, if we were allow it to continue unchecked. Every major environmental organisation and most major scientific journals concede that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels have had significant effects on our planet over the last century. Therefore we must listen the consensus of experts as they most definitely know best.

Climate Change and the Ice Caps

The last two decades had some of the hottest temperatures in 400 hundred years and as a result the Arctic ice-sheet is rapidly fleeting. In fact, the arctic ice-sheet could completely disappear in the summer of 2040. Mountain Glaciers are also melting. For instance Montana’s Glacier National Park used to have 150 glaciers in 1910, although now it only has 27 glaciers left. These are just a few examples of some of the irrefutable evidence of the effect of global warming.

Growing demand for oil

The U.S International Energy Agency predicts that by 2040 fossil fuel will grow a further 48 % which means that despite the increasing threat of global warming countries are still consuming oil at an ever-growing rate. This means that it is crucial for the countries who are consuming the most energy to start to invest in and produce/consume more renewable energies.

Knock-on effects down the food chain

When fossil fuels are burned they release CO2 emission, these emission then convert the carbon in ocean into carbonic acid and this lowers the overall pH of the sea. Due to the lower pH level plankton and other smaller marine based life start dying off, meaning that the food source for bigger fish is decreasing. Couple the decreased food source with overfishing, and fish could soon be farmed and starved out of existence. It is therefore crucial to prevent a species’ extinction and avoid a domino effect whereby if one animal in the food chain dies, then it could starve the animals higher up the food chain into death.

Catastrophic flooding

If we do not take global warming seriously the ice-caps will melt and the sea levels will rise. Even just a small rise in 3 degrees is enough to cause a global warming crisis. This crisis will then flood major cities across the world and affect millions of people in places such as Miami in the US, Osaka in Japan, and Alexandria in Egypt. These floodings will then cause much damage, resulting in many: refugees, displaced family, injuries and even deaths.

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