Conventional Generator vs. Inverter Generator: What to Buy?

 Connor Harrison

Whatever the reason might be why you’re interested in buying a portable generator, it’s wise to first learn more about these devices. The fact is that most of the people don’t know is there a difference between a generator, an inverter, and an inverter generator. In fact, people think that these are just different names for a single kind of device.

So, what is the difference? In order to understand it, you first need to learn how each of these devices works!

How Generators Work?

When people say generator, they usually think of the conventional device that uses fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, etc.) to generate electricity. Because fossil fuel is used as the energy source, these devices are not very eco-friendly.

In fact, the burning the fossil fuel results in the production of carbon dioxide that gets released into the atmosphere. Apart from being very bad for the environment, these devices are also very loud. This is because the fossil fuel burning is what powers the generator’s motor, which spins at a high speed.

Speaking of the motor, you should know that it is connected to an alternator that produces AC electricity. In order to produce the electricity with a standard current, which you would be able to use for your electric devices (mobile phone, computer, fridge, etc.), the motor needs to rotate at a constant speed. What this means is that if a change in speed happens, the electrical current can cause problems with your devices.

How Inverter Generators Work?

Conventional generators have been around for quite some time, but the inverter generator is a fairly recent invention. In fact, it was Japanese car manufacturer Honda that came up with the invention. A bit longer than a decade ago, their engineers came up with the first inverter generator, which created a sort of revolution. Even the first one ever made was much smaller, quieter, and faster than the traditional generators. On top of everything, the new type of generator proved to be more efficient than the old ones.

As the years went by, the technology kept on advancing. Today, inverted generators are capable of generating much more electrical energy than any other kind of generators. Unlike traditional generators, the inverter generator does not produce AC electricity directly.

Instead, they use 3-phase generators that output AC power, which is then turned to DC. The last step is turning the DC power back into AC power, which at this point is “clean”, meaning that the current distortion is nonexistent. What this means is that inverter generators are much safer to use for devices that are easy to break. This includes everything from your computer, sound system, and so on.

Conventional Generator vs. Inverter Generator: The Final Verdict!

Although both of these types of generators use fossil fuel to produce electricity, the inverter generators are much more efficient. This means that less waste goes out in the atmosphere, making these devices a bit friendlier to the environment. But, that’s not their only advantage – because they’re more efficient, they also save more of your money.

In fact, in order to produce enough energy to charge your phone and/or computer, you would need to pour quite a lot of gasoline into an old-fashioned generator. That’s not the case with the inverter generator, which is much more cost-efficient. The only problem is that this device cost more than the conventional kind. This raises the question – does buying an inverter generator really pay off?

If you’ve asked this question a few years ago, the answer would’ve been no. However, the things have changed since. Today, you can find all kinds of top-quality inverter generators that do not cost more than just a few hundred dollars. If you put everything on paper, you will realize that getting such a device is definitely a wise investment.

But, the price is not the only thing that needs improvement when it comes to inverter generators. In most cases, these devices cannot achieve the same max power output as their conventional counterparts. The good news is that there’s a simple solution! Inverter generators can be linked to one another, which, in turn, would double their power capacity. Of course, the problem with this method is that you would need to get another inverter generator. This means giving away more money.

Still, if you think you’re often going to be in a need of using power generators, it’s definitely smart to think about buying an inverter generator. It’s going to pay off in the long-run, not to mention that using such a device means doing all you can in the battle for a cleaner environment.

Finally, you should know that they are more sophisticated than the conventional ones. That’s why chances are high that an inverter generator is going to serve you longer than an old-fashioned generator.

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