5 Ways to Improve Your Solar Cell Efficiency

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The sunlight is a renewable resource that can help reduce your monthly electricity bills. As the price of energy is rising endlessly, one of the suitable energy resources you can utilize nowadays is the solar energy from the sun through solar panels. These panels can provide sufficient power for your home’s electrical needs.

Highly efficient solar panels are vital for converting the available sunlight into electricity. It can be ideal for harnessing and upgrading their solar cells cost-effectively and efficiently. As such, here are five ways to improve your solar cell efficiency to maximize solar power and obtain the highest possible energy production.

Install Your Photovoltaic Panels Correctly

Photovoltaic or solar panels contain solar cells made from silicon which acts like semiconductors. These panels are constructed in a positive and negative layer. Just like a battery, the solar panels can create electric field together and utilize the sun’s power.

The solar cells from your photovoltaic panels are vital for generating electricity. These cells have positive and negative sides that can form an electric circuit made by the conductors. The correct installation of solar panels will help obtain suitable energy for your home.

You need to place the orientation and the angle of your panels accurately. Correctly installed photovoltaic panels will help improve your solar cell efficiency and ensure that they can receive an optimal amount of sunlight.

Moreover, if you’re living in the northern hemisphere, the orientation of your panels should face towards the south. The same way in the southern hemisphere, these panels should face towards the north to absorb the sunlight more effectively.

You also need to make sure to tilt your panels in a way that they can directly receive sunshine from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Always Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Keeping your solar panels clean is essential to improve solar cell efficiency. The dirt, dust and other substances like bird droppings might build up as time passes by especially on those areas where panel tilt is minimal. This dirt and dust can provide an impact on the amount of electricity that the panels could generate.

The pollution and dirt could block almost 25% of the sun's light that’s supposed to become solar electricity. These factors are also the reasons why your solar panels are performing inefficiently. Hence, it can be ideal to keep your solar panels clean all the time to ensure that they can generate the highest level of efficiency.

Make Sure to Avoid the Shaded Areas

When your solar panels can’t absorb the sunlight, they won’t be able to generate electricity. The shaded areas can affect your solar panels and produce less power and perform inefficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to put your panels away from trees and other shaded areas that can affect its efficiency.

The solar panels would reduce their output when they experience lower sunlight exposure. The clouds, trees, and other obstructions that are shading your panels can reduce their energy production about half as much as they can generate with direct sunlight.

The shaded solar cells can also affect their power output especially when you connect them in a series. When a photovoltaic cell is shaded, the energy generated by the other cells might be drained as well. As a result, it affects your solar panels and produces less electricity.

Avoid an Increase in Temperature

Higher temperature reduces the power from your photovoltaic solar panels. The efficiency of these panels would drop as the temperature increases. When the temperature of your solar panels gets higher, the voltage output might also reduce linearly.

You need to ensure that there is a significant gap between your roof and the solar panels. Doing it helps to get a good movement of air to prevent heat from affecting your solar panels. You can also construct your panels with light-colored material to help reduce heat absorption.

Use a Solar Concentrator

A solar concentrator is ideal for upgrading your photovoltaic solar panels. The tool consists of a system of mirrors and an energy receiver on its core. Its mirrors help increase the amount of light and the amount of energy. The product can help utilize your panels to generate a significant amount of useful energy more efficiently.

A solar concentrator helps for concentrating the sunlight that falls from a large area to small areas. The device helps increase the efficiency of your solar cells, so you’ll get more energy for your home’s needs and save money as well.


Solar energy is an essential renewable energy solution for your home’s needs. It provides a suitable energy resource that is environmentally friendly and can help reduce your electricity bills. Furthermore, keeping your panels at their highest efficiency level is necessary for maximizing the sun’s power with the help of the insights mentioned above.

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