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Aviation Fuel and Sustainability

 Barbara Bramble
Description: The real controversy is conflict over LAND and its many usesLand may be available. Low productivity/degraded pastures and cropland can be restored But humans donít have a good history of using land carefully. Costs of land restoration often discourage investment. Native prairies and rangelands are being turned into monocultures. Food security can be INCREASED via biomass and biofuels: Diversify crops and markets. Give value to cover crops and residues. Provide non-food, seasonally staggered sources of income. Provide energy for value-added products (critical for smallholders and local communities). Stabilize grain prices - IF mandate for fuels is variable.
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Domain: Energy
Category: Biomass
Aviation Fuel and Sustainability
Barbara Bramble, Chair RSB, April 2016

Biofuels, Biomass and Bioenergy
Neither good nor bad by category
It all depends – on how and where produced
There are valid concerns – inadequate legislation
• Land use change and conservation of biological diversity
• Water availability
• Invasive species as new energy crops
• Real carbon ben ... See more

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