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Carbon Capture and Storage Roadmap

 International Energy Agency
Description: Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important part of the lowest-cost greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation portfolio. IEA analysis suggests that without CCS, overall costs to reduce emissions to 2005 levels by 2050 increase by 70%. This roadmap includes an ambitious CCS growth path in order to achieve this GHG mitigation potential, envisioning 100 projects globally by 2020 and over 3000 projects by 2050.
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Technology Roadmap
Carbon capture and storage

This report is the result of a collaborative effort between the international energy agency (iea), its member countries, and various consultants and experts worldwide. Users of this report shall make their own independent business decisions at their own risk and, in particular, without undue reliance on this report. N ... See more
12 December, 2016

World Energy Outlook 2015

The start of a new energy era?:- 2015 has seen lower prices for all fossil fuels: Oil & gas could face second year of falling upstream investment in 2016, Coal prices remain at roc

14 January, 2016
27 August, 2013