WEAMEC: Research, Education & Innovation in Marine Energy
Philippe Baclet
21 May, 2019
Excellence in Higher Education and Research Establishments
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17 May, 2019
Powering Brazil: Outlook for Brazil's Energy & Mining Sectors
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Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO)
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Characteristics of the Brazilian Energy Matrix
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Renewable Energy Opportunities - EDF Renewables Perspective
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ICT Environmental, Sustainability and Supply Chain Counsel Roundtable
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29 April, 2019
National Renewable Energy Centre: CENER Bioprocess Development Activities
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27 April, 2019
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25 April, 2019
Sinopec China's Energy Transition and Development Path 2019
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22 April, 2019
Rural Electrification in India: Customer Behaviour and Demand
FSR Global Forum
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Research of Artificial Intelligence & Earth Observation Horizon 2020
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Accelerated Development of Innovative Clean Energy Systems
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30 March, 2019
Common Switch Fault Diagnosis for Two-Stage DC-DC Converters
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28 March, 2019
Design of a Low-Cost PV Emulator Applied for PVECS
Intissar Moussa, ...
26 March, 2019
Moving Toward a Smarter Power Grid: Strategy for Strengthen SG Roadmaps
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21 March, 2019
Water Implications by Mitigation Scenarios for Brazilian Energy Sector
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20 March, 2019
Using R in Hydrology: A Review of Recent Developments
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19 March, 2019
Commercial Harbor Craft Emissions Controls
Keir Moorhead
14 March, 2019