Design and optimization of an Internal Combustion Engine Heat recovery system using a Thermoelectric Generator
D. Chalet, A. Nou...
14 August, 2017
Uranium Resources In Phosphate Rocks
Magdi Ragheb PhD
04 August, 2017
Use of Dispersants in Oil Spill Response and Emerging Application Technologies
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The Future of Nuclear Power - Overview and Conclusions
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The hypothesis of the virtual reality world; according to astrophysical and mathematical presumption I. Overviewing the creator's
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Fundamentals Of Petroleum Engineering Drilling Operations
Mohd Fauzi Hamid,...
15 June, 2017
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Energy market and Oil Drilling Industry Trends & Opportunities
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12 June, 2017
Nuclear Chemistry
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Multiphase pipe flow - a key technology for oil and gas production
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Radioactive waste management strategy in Belarus
B. Popv
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Increased Efficiency and Flexibility in Coal-Fired Power Plants
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31 May, 2017
eLTE Solution for Oil & Gas Field
26 May, 2017
Wireless Technologies in Crowded and Confined EMI Environments of Nuclear Power Plants
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Innovation in the Nuclear Industry: A Sociological Approach
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Filling an Electricity Void after a Nuclear Plant Shutdown
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Better Success Rates in Locating Oil using Seismic Analytics
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