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Consumer Guide to buying household solar photovoltaic panels

 Clean Energy Council
Description: Household solar panels, photovoltaic principle, crystallised silicon on glass CSG, Mono crystalline, photovoltaic effect, Poly Multi crystalline, output of a solar PV system, maximum power point tracking, Renewable Energy Certificates, Solar Credits, Feed-in tariffs, Large-scale Renewable Energy Target - LRET, Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme - SRES
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Domain: Energy
Category: Photovoltaics/Solar
Contributing Organization: Clean Energy Council
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Consumer Guide to buying household solar panels (photovoltaic panels)
Solar Modules
When purely comparing the silicon or mono to poly the mono is the most efficient of all technologies, however, when similarly priced products are compared the efficiency has often diminished slightly to make them affordable. - Poly / Multi-crystalline � A close cousin of mono-crystalline differing only ... See more

A Blueprint for a 21st Century Energy System

As part of the international agreement reached at the 2015 UN climate negotiations in Paris, Australia has committed to emissions reduction targets that will help keep a global tem

21 June, 2016